To keep romantic love forever is what people yearn for, but suffering, no, people can't always keep it, can't always be healthy and happy, especially when a person is old and suffering from illness, that kind of ugliness will never be appreciated by the "heart of love and beauty" human nature. Since life is full of flavors, so should love. It is also sweet and bitter, sour and spicy. Sweet happiness alone is often not true love, because only two people who don't care much about each other will always be happy together, they won't ask for so much, and don't want results, just want to be happy at this moment is enough. Naturally not. So people who break up when they are not happy are often playing games with their feelings. When the other party quarrels with him or gets sick, he will turn his face and walk away mercilessly, because the other party can no longer let him achieve that goal, and the existence of the other party has become an unbearable burden for him. When you really love someone, your endurance should be very strong. Even if there is a quarrel, you will come back to communicate and make peace. You will even admit your mistake and give in. When the other party is sick and has an accident, you will stay by your side. The so-called adversity is the true love, so is kinship, and so is love. To test whether two people love each other is not to see how they are usually like glue, but to see whether they share weal and woe and grow old together. So I say that love transcends desire. When we love deeply, no matter whether our face is old or not, whether our function is lost, we will still love.